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Eco-friendly case for your iPhone

Stay in touch with friends, nature and the environment. SoilCase is a sustainable, biodegradable and compostable phone case for iPhone that will go with you on the planet-friendly journey.

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Plant based
Like the name suggests, SoilCase is made of organic materials such as soil, vegetables, rice, wheat and sawdust.
SoilCase is 100% biodegradable and decomposes in 9-18 months in a compost environment.
Stylish & Durable
SoilCase makes no compromises on durability or keeping your phone safe while maintaining comfort and style.

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Compatible with nature and your iPhone

Protecting your phone and making it last longer is great for your wallet as well as our planet. However, traditional plastic and silicone phone case waste has become a huge burden on our planet.
SoilCase offers an alternative - stylish, plant and soil based phone case that is plastic-free and makes no compromises on keeping your phone safe. And when it has served it's time, it will compost and become soil again


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Freshen up your old phone with  a new eco-friendly case

The average smartphone owner replaces their phone every two years, generating huge amounts of plastic and e-waste. Most old phones end up in landfills or the ocean.

Investing in a sustainable phone case is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of waste your mobile phone generates. And it's great for the wallet as well!

1.5 billion

smartphones are sold every year.

70 percent

of toxic waste in landfills is caused by disposed e-waste.

15 percent

of old phones are disposed properly.

100 million

marine animals are killed each year due to plastic waste.
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